Tropical landscapes Tropical landscapes "The family" Size: (16x20) acrylic on canvas This painting won second places in "Best of the Best Series" 2011 at St. Lawrence Gallery, Fort Lauderdale Giglees available 72438699 Reverie (8x10) acrylic on canvas Sold! 75086809 Flowering tree, Bonnet House (8x10) acrylic on canvas In early spring, for a short time, these yellow flowering trees are such a delightful sight here in Florida. I just have to paint them! 81871077 Royal Poinciana (8x10) acrylic on canvas 84173490 Springtime, Bonnet House (18x24) acrylic on canvas This is an award winning painting (First place) Two times winner (People's choice, 2011 Impressions, Bonnet House) Sold! (Giglees available) 81913758 Bonnet House Resident (20x16) acrylic on canvas This delightful creature was happily posing for me long enought to take his picture. These little guys have been living at Bonnett House since it was first built but now they are slowly disappearing.. 105812753 Serenity (8x10) acrylic on canvas, Sold! 108558141 "Hoda's rose garden" This is a mural of a rose garden. Three panels 72 inches tall, two side panels 48 wide and the middle panel 60 inches wide. 111167728 "Flower Medley" (24x30) acrylic on canvas Sold! 135334410 "Together" (24x30) acrylic on canvas Sold! This scene is from the Bonett House towards the end of the day. This couple of swans were busy with their feathers. Sold! Giglees available 127762740 Pretty in Pink 30x24, acrylic on canvas this Orchid was blooming in my friend Nancy's garden. I took a photo of it and run back to my studio to capture it's beauty on canvas. Sold! 138436188 Somewhere in Fort Lauderdale I usually take walks in this beach. 20x24, acrylic on canvas 139365619 Meditation Bench 20x24 acrylic on canvas (Marie Selby botanical garden, Sarasota) 146033515 Rose Garden 20x24 acrylic on canvas This beautiful Garden at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. Sold!! 146033516 Red, hot beauty -SOLD! (16x20) acrylic on canvas. I am compelled to paint this beautiful Royal Poinciana every year as it blooms. It was planted (with a ceremony), in a park near my home for the memory of someone's brother who passed. A loving gesture for someone's memory and a beautiful sight for the people who visit the park. 157837862 Welcome Center, Bonnet House. 18x24 acrylic on canvas 148186085 Historical Museum, Fort Lauderdale (11x14) acrylic on canvas. I started this painting on sight and finished it at my studio. Is in the Historical area in Fort Lauderdale by the River Walk. 157001390 "Pirate's Republic" (12x16) acrylic on canvas This Landmark restaurant, "Pirote's Republic" is Down Town Fort Lauderdale by the Riverwalk. Many Artists have painted it. Here is my version. I started it on site and finished it at my studio, 157842137 "Five Flamingos" (11x19.5) acrylic on canvas. This painting was created for the Flamingo Fest that is taking place at Flamingo Gardens. There is "something" about the shape and color of Flamingos that makes them a favorite subject.. 171676158 On a Sunny Day, (20x24) acrylic on canvas SOLD! 176961292 "Roseatta Spoonbills" (20x16) acrylic on canvas 179900252 Morning has broken. 24x30, acrylic on canvas. This painting was inspired from different photos taken at the Bonnet House. I "borrowed" its tittle from a song by Cat Stevens. 177723911 "Precious Few" 16x20, acrylic on canvas Yet another Bonnet House inspired painting. I have been taking photos of the little monkeys at the Bonnet House whenever I have a rare chance to see them. They used to be about 15 of them few years ago.. Now there are about 5 left. These little monkeys are not natives and once they are gone, they will not be replaced.. Bonnet House will not be the same without their presence in the place... 183196468 Beachscape (9x12) acrylic on panel (SOLD)! A beach scene in Fort Lauderdale with Palm, Seagrape, Grass and... Reverie... 183233073 By the Lake (9x12) acrylic on canvas I am lucky to live close to the "twin Lakes" park in my neighborhood. Wild life thrives there. Ibises, heron, mud hens, ducks are only just few of the residents... 192395335 Everyday Visitors (16x20) acrylic on canvas This painting is inspired by a friend's backyard, it started out without the birds but then they came, becoming the "main attraction". 192395536 Courtyard, Bonnet House (24x18) acrylic on canvas This is the courtyard with the fountain in the beautiful, Museum and Gardens, Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale, S. Florida 192395683 Three Peacocks in Flamingo Gardens SOLD!!!! (24x18) acrylic on canvas. Peacocks are so magestic. They are plentiful in Flamingo Gardens. I think that they "steal the Show" really, and the Gardens should be re-named "Peacock Gardens" or at least, Flamingo and Peacock Gardens.. 192395711 "Blooming tree" (Tabebuia) (20x24) This delightful tree blooms for a short time in April and early May, in S. Florida. This one was inspired from a photo I took in my neighborhood park. the blooms had all fallen before this painting was completed but I captured it's beauty and glory on canvas to enjoy every day. SOLD! 192721412 "Earthly Paradise" (24x36) acrylic on canvas. I love the tropical landscape; since I lucky to live in Florida there is plenty of inspiration as close as the park near me which is a wild life sunctuary. 193377084 "Courtyard, B. House, ll" (16x12) acrylic on canvas. This charming, historical Courtyard of the B. House in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. has been painted many times by the local artist and I am no exception. This is my second one and I am sure there will be others in time to come. 195046000 Andrews Bridge, Ft. Laud. (16x20) acrylic on canvas. This is an actual Bridge in Fort Laud., Fl. Is located down town in the heart and "energy of the city, where there is a lot of activity, interests, and beautiful sights for people all year long given the pleasant weather and light here in S. Florida. 196472794 "Heron and Lillies" (10x8) acrylic on canvas. These birds are everywhere here in S. Florida. They are a beautiful sight with their long, elegant silhouette against the tropical greens and body of water. They are the inspiration for many paintings of local Artists.... and I am no exception.. 196472795 Yellow Tree at B. House 11x14 acrylic on canvas. Painting inspired from the grounds in beautiful Bonnet House here in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Sold! 197244932 Two Flamingos 24x18. I love the elegance, color, different poses and additude of these birds. Painting them is always a lot of fun and satisfaction! 197245317 Angel Bird (12x12) acrylic on canvas. Originally, I had titled this painting "Evening Grooming". But this bird looked so Angelic to me that I changed it's title. 197274081 "a bench with a view" One more painting inspired from the B. House. The inspiration for artistic expressions is endless there. (11x14) acrylic on canvas 198037727 "lover Boy and Lady Bag" (10x8) on acrylic on panel. This charming character is found here in Florida: Yellow Crown Night Heron. Sold! 198038858 "Seven Steps, B. House" (9X12) acrylic on canvas. These seven steps in the Gardens of B. House, lead to a small lake where a pair of Swans enjoy the enchantment of the place as well as being a part of it. The Swans procreate every year, as you can see in another painting here titled: "The Family" 198175299 "Sunset for Two" (20X16) acrylic on canvas Again, this one was inspired from a friend's photo, and again, the two pelicans that were not in the reference photo came and took center stage in my painting. 198626249 "Dairy Queen" 18X18 acrylic on canvas This painting depicts the Dairy Queen that has been in business since the 50s here in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Many of the native Floridians have happy childhood memories of this place, so I thought it would be fun to paint. 198787452 "Mc Millon's Bar-B-Q" (16x20) This peculiar building is in Pompano Beach, Fl. I immediately felt compelled to make it a subject for a painting. The building has been here for many, many years. I am told that their food is very good. One of these days I have to try it for my self.. But.. oh.. wait.. I have given up meat.. 198890802 " Pink Water Lilies" (18X24) acrylic on canvas. 199360162 "Hotel Grisham" (11X14) This is a historic landmark family establishment from the 1950s in Pompano Beach, Florida. Seeing how fast the landscape changes, buildings are torn down and are replaced with new structures that don't keep the "character" of the place, I felt the desire to "immortalize" some of them in my paintings. 199825098 "Portrait of an Egret" (10X8) acrylic on canvas I enjoy seeing, photographing and painting these elegant birds that are everywhere near water here is S. Florida.. The place just wouldn't be the same without them.. 200309365 "Looking and Waiting" (16X20) acrylic on canvas 201167729 Helen's Happy Ending 20x16 acrylic on canvas Helen Swan was born at the Bonnet House. She was kept there as a companion to her father, after her mother died. As she grew thought, she started chasing the male swan out of the pond (All three ponds) Then she started chasing the visiting school children. She had to be removed. Was taken to Flamingo Gardens where she met another male swan with whom she bonded and had off- springs. This painting is from a photo taken at Flamingo Gardens when the two "lovers" first show each other. 202189692 Ernie's Bar-B-Q 16x20 acrylic on canvas Another landmark that has been in Ft. Lauderdale for few decades. Update on this landmark. Is closed now sign for SALE last time I heard possibly will be demolished.. 202189693 Three Pals in the Shade 20x12 acrylic on canvas 204952201 Tropical scene 18x18 acrylic on canvas This painting started as a class demo and practically "painted it self" I like the simplicity of the minimal color pallet, which create a harmonious mood.. 202189694 "Bananas by the Lake" 24x18 acrylic on canvas 204952204 "Lantana Municipal Beach, Fl." 16X20, acrylic on canvas. 205154975 205188726 "Three Roseate Spoonbills" 20x16, acrylic on canvas 205195353