computer Art/Designs computer Art/Designs "I want to be loved by you" Digital Art 204952489 "Rita" Digital Art 204952490 204952491 204952492 204952493 204952495 "Bowie" Digital Art 204952496 "Chris Chambers" This is isfrom the Iconic image of River Phoenix in his role as Chris Chambers from the 1985 classic movie "Stand by Me" 204952497 204952498 "Jimmy" 204952499 204952500 204952501 Fire, Water, and River Phoenix Anyone can tell I am fascinated with the late, Great River Phoenix. 204952502 "Harry" Digital Art 204952504 "Mike Waters" River Phoenix in his most heartbreaking role as Mike Waters from the 1991 movie "My Own Private Idaho" 204952505 "Michael" 1 Digital Art 204952507 "Michael" 2 Digital Art 204952508 "Michael" 3 Digital Art 204952509 "River, Running on Empty" Digital Art 204952510 204952511 "Simply the Best" Digital Art 204952512 "A boy named River" Digital Art 204952513 "Elegant Marilyn" 204952515 204952516 "River's First Love" River had a very successful acting career but his heart was always in music. He found himself a bit trapped in having to work as an actor being the financial provider for his big family. 204952517 "Joaquin Phoenix" (River's brother) Digital Art 204952520 "Greta" Digital Art 204952521 "Jackie" 204952533 "Love" Digital Art 205154976 "Material Girl" Digital Art 204952534 "River as Mike Waters" Digital Art 205154977 205154978 205154979 205154980 "We love River Phoenix" Digital Art 205154981 205154982 "River 4Ever" Digital Art 205154983 "Back to Black" Digital Art 205154985 205154986