The Art of Nia

Look for the beauty in everything


The Art of Nia Nakis

Born in Athens, Greece I started my career as a fashion illustrator for Jordan Marsh, after getting my education at the Art Institute of Fort    Lauderdale, FL in 1981.

Upon graduation, I worked as an illustrator and art teacher until 2003. Since then, I have been traveling and painting the rugged Mediterranean landscape as well as the lush tropics of Florida where I live. In my acrylic and oil paintings my aim is to express the beauty that I find in nature during my travels.

For me, Nature is another word for God. I love painting the landscape with the weathered rocks, trees, and humble little villages, the farm animals that are grazing peacefully and innocently in the grass, the ever-changing cloud formations, and the wild flowers with the myriad color combinations.

These images remind me of my early childhood in Greece when there was still plenty of nature all around, and I could smell the aroma of the earth each time it rained.

My art is mostly a humble effort to portray God’s beauty and wonder. It is meant to please the eye, lift the spirit and transport myself and hopefully the viewer to another place. I love the Impressionistic style and perhaps it is evident in my work. I also love painting the feminine figure as an image of beauty, poise, inspiration, comfort and ideal. My philosophy in life and my reason for being is to keep growing, expanding, communicating, and expressing my fullest potential in art and in all areas of life. Sharing the journey with others makes it all worthwhile.